Sunday, February 13, 2011

Start of Thoughts for life..

Saprem Namaskar,

I am neither a thinker nor a writer..but sometime situations suggested me many learnings which I feel I should share.. not only in personal life  but  as a profession I am in the field of human relationships land that exactly gives me lot of input about different angles of human nature , situations and best / worst part of a human being.

I will write what I can see in a limited spectrum of not necessarily everybody can agree to it.. In that case one of my mentor always used one line : " We can mutually agree to our disagreement". But have a look at the thoughts once...they are original and either they are parallel to your thought process or they will penetrate it.

with your blessings,


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  1. Welcome..Kedar to this beautiful world of know it just keeps on expanding on its just have to keep on thinking.. May your page generate lots of positive energy..and many a discerning mind visit and get connected.. the biggest benefit is that you will find a few friends who would understand.. and appreciate too.. Yes, getting understood is the most beautiful thing that can happen..for a philosophical mind.. ALL THE BEST..GOD BLESS..