Monday, February 14, 2011

Situation & Dilemma

Sometimes we get into situation where dilemma is choosing of right or wrong. That time our calmness and longterm approach towards situation can bring down half of the situation's vibrations down; rest we can control the situation by remain detrmine on decision we have taken. We should not forget to discuss the situation with close ones , they should also witness the situation, as they are the people who will support in whole process.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Start of Thoughts for life..

Saprem Namaskar,

I am neither a thinker nor a writer..but sometime situations suggested me many learnings which I feel I should share.. not only in personal life  but  as a profession I am in the field of human relationships land that exactly gives me lot of input about different angles of human nature , situations and best / worst part of a human being.

I will write what I can see in a limited spectrum of not necessarily everybody can agree to it.. In that case one of my mentor always used one line : " We can mutually agree to our disagreement". But have a look at the thoughts once...they are original and either they are parallel to your thought process or they will penetrate it.

with your blessings,