Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Somebody Stop me !

Somebody Stop me !

Long year back a green Mask use to speak this dialogue.. I didn't thought of it  seriously..but this dialogue stuck one day like a rock at a climax of one situation turned worsen...

With few lateral experience with all human nature; I have started believing that you can not come out of situation unless situation want you to get out of it giving some solid results/ outcomes ! Hence getting into any situation is my decision  which I would generally not bother about ..and think can get out of it whenever required! further you can claim non belonging to the situation .. damn selfish ! but it is not the way things work out. you always present in the span of time  in this witnessing your situation getting worsen..

.Somebody stop me ! (Getting into situations)

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  1. Situation always has its own replications either good or bad. So of course you will never come out of the situation on your own decisions.